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The Laird is proud to present AWOL 2017 – A Week of Leather and Fetish.


August is fast approaching and The Laird is gearing up for A Week of Leather and Fetish (AWOL) with this year’s theme of “Class of 2017”.


The week that brings leather men across Australia to the Laird returns with a full program of events from workshops to the “big two” – Laird Laird Leatherman Competition and the sure-to-sell-out Code Black party.


Learn more about AWOL 2017 here...

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The Laird, Melbourne, is Australia’s longest running gay-owned and operated bar and accommodation.


Formerly known as "Melbourne's only bear and leather bar", The Laird has progressed over the years to become a haven, meeting place and party space for same-sex attracted CIS and trans males.


VCAT Exemption H18/2018