Laird Hotel Melbourne, Australia

awol jock party leather fetish laird eagle leather

Right this way gentlemen, and let us tell you a tale of The Laird on the Friday of AWOL 2022...

It’s a tale of two events, both alike in style but oh, so different in approach.

You are cordially invited to ‘A Black Tie Affair’, free for men who dare seek the admiration of leather, whether curious or established.

We’ve rolled out the black carpet, ready for you to head through to the Back Bar and Beer Garden. Refresh yourself with our take on the classic old-fashioned cocktail, cut the cap of your cigar and settle in for a night of sophisticated debauchery, with sound suite by Stereogamous

Dress up or dress down but be sure to match it with a tie: be it bow or bolo, ascot of cravat.

It need not be leather, but then again, why not? It is AWOL after all.

awol jock party leather fetish laird eagle leather

For a discerning few, the ‘VIP Leather Bar’ awaits. Be warned, access is strictly limited and comes at a price. So, the question remains: Are you BLUF enough?  


Limited to 50 patrons and a strict leather dress code, $50 gets you one-night only access to the revamped Nuggets Bar, where a true feast for the senses awaits. 


Nourish yourself with a morsel from our human canape table as you take in the sights of this exclusive leather cruising zone. When it’s time to relieve yourself, our little piggies will be waiting in the yellow splash zone, eager for your liquid adoration. 


Tickets for the VIP Leather Bar are strictly limited; dress code fully enforced at the door.

100 points or over of leather needed for VIP Leather Bar entry...

35 points – Pants, Chaps, Kilt, Shirt, Jacket, Shorts, Top, Jeans, Zip Front Vest

30 points – Boots, Apron

20 points - Vest, Muir Cap, Harness

15 points – Garrison, Tie

10 points – Jock, Suspenders, Same Browne, Cap

5 points – Wristbands, Hood, Collar, Mask, Gloves, Armbands, Sneakers



awol jock party leather fetish laird eagle leather

Two unique events, one kink-filled venue

A Black Tie Affair : free entry,  8pm till late - gear or casual dress code. Tie highly recommended

VIP Leather Bar : limited tickets + dress code, 9pm – 12pm


awol jock party leather fetish laird eagle leather

Friday 12 August, bar open 8pm


No frontal nudity
No thongs, sandals, crocs, etc
No ground based pup play
No photography unless authorised by management
Consent is Vital - no means no


Men only VCAT H14/2022


awol jock party leather fetish laird eagle leather