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laird leatherman mannhaus 2017


Mannhaus and The Laird are proud to present your Laird Leatherman for 2017, James Addinsall. This was an amazing competition with all contestants doing us proud. Thanks to James, Cal, Jeff and Darren for being a part of the Laird Leatherman legacy.


James will step up as a leader in the Australian leather community, working hard as an ambassador of the Laird and Mannhaus, and raising money for his charity.


Thanks to everyone who helped make this a standout event for AWOL 2017 - especially to our sponsors (see below), staff, crew and volunteers...

Paul and Richard, Mannhaus - Neil Smith (LLM 2010), Ben Riethmuller (LLM 2012), Stephen Morgan (LLM 2015) and Brad Redmond (LLM 2016) - Tim Hughes, Resident Bootblack - Craig and Michael, Down An' Dirty - Dean Arcuri aka DEANation - Liam Clark (MRM 2016) - Gus and Toshi

laird leatherman mannhaus 2017



Here's what James had to say to us once he's recovered from the AWOL fallout...

"I fell in love with The Laird long before I moved to Melbourne. When I got here almost a year ago I thought to myself ‘how can I contribute to this community?’. For a while it was by turning up to the events and by supporting what was going on. After getting to know some of the previous contestants and some previous Laird Leathermen, I realised this was an opportunity to contribute that I couldn’t pass up. It’s a unique and amazing space where I felt comfortable to be myself, a space where all men are welcome. And that is a space that deserves all the support I could give. 

The entire week has been very surreal! Thank you to everyone who came along and supported all of us throughout the competition. The support I felt last Friday has kicked me into gear and i’m very much looking forward to what the next year will bring. Watch this space for the next amazing charity we’ll all be supporting."
You'll be hearing and seeing more of James over the next 12 months...

Want to know more about what it means to be Laird Leatherman? Have a chat to any of our previous LLM or pop into Mannhaus - Paul & Richard have the knowledge and the gear an aspiring Laird Leatherman needs.


Click HERE for info on the history of Laird Leatherman Competition.



Brett and Mark, The Laird





Friday 11th August

Doors open 8pm. Free entry


Dress Code: Leather, Fetish, Casual

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